We're Hiring!

Current Positions

Order Fulfillment & Customer Support

Both Full or Part-time Positions Available

We are seeking a new employee to help with order fulfilment and customer support. No experience is necessary but knowledge of sewing even only as a hobbyist will be a huge asset.

Skills & Assets

  • Knowledge of fabrics and sewing.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Problem-solving capabilities.
  • Ability to lift heavy (22KG) rolls of fabric (required).
  • General assistance around the warehouse, e.g. unloading shipments.


  • Assist customers in finding fabrics.
  • Packing and fulfilling orders, including accurate measuring and cutting.
  • Lifting and carrying rolls of fabric.


  • 16 per hour

If interested please email info@riversidefabrics.com. Let us know why you are interested in this position.