Scissor Sharpening

New monthly sharpening pop-up! Get your scissors sharpened by @sharp.ones

Drop off your shears by 4:00pm on the first Saturday of every month

Pickup on the following Tuesday after 11am


Service Item  Details Notes Price
Sharpening 1 Everyday scissors Sharpening and Oiling Includes: basic sewing shears, kitchen scissors, paper scissors etc. $18
Sharpening 2 Professional scissors Sharpening and oiling Includes: salon scissors,
Japanese steel, quality pinking shears, anything that costs $100+
Rust Removal Any scissors Rust removal, sharpening
and oiling
We cannot do snips $30
Repair Any scissors Blade straightening,
broken tip, tightening and
lubrication, adjustment,
Case by case basis, price will
depend on they type and level
of damage